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Jasey had a beautiful three-year-old but her life was far from a fairytale. She had been raped and molested for as long as she could remember.

Her own father abused, repeatedly raped, and molested her. When no one would believe her, she recorded him raping her.  He now faces 40 years in prison for the crimes he committed against his own daughter, Jasey.

Just when Jasey thought she was free from abuse, she was sadly mistaken. Her brother replaced her father as the foul perpetrator and began raping her as well. Her own brother ended up impregnating his own sister. She was terrified when she found out that news. 

While she was pregnant, she became addicted to PCP and ended up in jail under drug charges.  In jail, she miscarried her baby. After Jasey was released from jail, she went to stay with a friend whose brother and buddies gang raped her. Just one month later, she suspected she was pregnant once again and she told her sister.

Jasey was unsure whether her friend’s brother was the father or her own brother. The possibility of her brother being the father frightened her family and they persuaded her to get an ultrasound to verify the time frame of pregnancy.

When Jasey came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic, her ultrasound revealed that she was seven weeks and three days pregnant. She also heard the Gospel message. That day she rededicated her life to Christ.

But life didn’t get easier for Jasey. When she told her friend’s brother that she was pregnant, he beat her and attempted to strangle her.  She was admitted to the ER with a threatening miscarriage.

Praise God, her baby somehow survived. She visited the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic for follow-up visits and was able to get an ultrasound each time. When she saw her baby’s heartbeat, she said, “This baby really wants to live!”

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