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Courage to Choose Life

Maria was from South America and had recently migrated with her children to the United States to escape her abusive husband. Sadly, Maria’s own family said they would desert her if she left him.

When Maria entered the United States, the bus she was aboard was stopped by a group of cartels. They captured Maria, her children and eight other women. She had no clue she was about to be held against her will for four months.

A member of the cartel gave her a drug that caused her to sleep for hours. When she awoke, she found herself lying on a dirty mattress on the floor.  Maria was chained to a pole with her children sitting next to her crying.

For 120 days, Maria was continually raped on a daily basis by many different men. They drugged her to keep her from screaming. They also warned her that they would take away her children, if she did not do what they asked. She could not bear the thought of losing her children, so Maria complied with everything they asked.

One day, when their captors were gone, one of the other imprisoned women broke free and managed to release the other captives. They escaped into the streets, naked and alone.

The terrified women found safety when a group of nuns took them in. They were close to the border and the immigration office helped them get to Houston, Texas.  They were immediately taken to local hospitals for examinations and pregnancy tests.

Maria was relieved when her pregnancy test came back negative. A nearby friend picked her up from the hospital and gave Maria and her children a safe place to stay.

Maria settled in Houston and quickly tried to move on from her human trafficking experience. She found a job and began a new life.

When a few months passed by and Maria hadn’t gotten her period, she began to worry. She went to a local pregnancy clinic close to her work and her test came back negative again.  She attributed her lack of a period to the stress she endured while in captivity.

Two months later, Maria began to feel a lot of movement in her abdomen and she decided to visit a hospital. To her surprise, she was eight months pregnant. But Maria didn’t want to carry her baby. She begged the hospital to do an abortion. She wanted nothing to do with her baby and wanted to erase all the painful memories of when she was trafficked.

A hospital care worker gave her the number to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic so she could discuss the possibilities of putting her baby up for adoption. Thankfully, Maria decided adoption was her best choice. She delivered a sweet, healthy baby who was placed into a loving family. We praise God for Maria’s bold courage to choose life for her baby!

The Baby that Wanted to Live

Jasey had a beautiful three-year-old but her life was far from a fairytale. She had been raped and molested for as long as she could remember.

Her own father abused, repeatedly raped, and molested her. When no one would believe her, she recorded him raping her.  He now faces 40 years in prison for the crimes he committed against his own daughter, Jasey.

Just when Jasey thought she was free from abuse, she was sadly mistaken. Her brother replaced her father as the foul perpetrator and began raping her as well. Her own brother ended up impregnating his own sister. She was terrified when she found out that news. 

While she was pregnant, she became addicted to PCP and ended up in jail under drug charges.  In jail, she miscarried her baby. After Jasey was released from jail, she went to stay with a friend whose brother and buddies gang raped her. Just one month later, she suspected she was pregnant once again and she told her sister.

Jasey was unsure whether her friend’s brother was the father or her own brother. The possibility of her brother being the father frightened her family and they persuaded her to get an ultrasound to verify the time frame of pregnancy.

When Jasey came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic, her ultrasound revealed that she was seven weeks and three days pregnant. She also heard the Gospel message. That day she rededicated her life to Christ.

But life didn’t get easier for Jasey. When she told her friend’s brother that she was pregnant, he beat her and attempted to strangle her.  She was admitted to the ER with a threatening miscarriage.

Praise God, her baby somehow survived. She visited the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic for follow-up visits and was able to get an ultrasound each time. When she saw her baby’s heartbeat, she said, “This baby really wants to live!”

Abortion Attempts Failed


Julia walked into a hospital waiting room looking for support because she was afraid she was pregnant. She did not want to add an unplanned pregnancy to her long list of mistakes.

Although she was born into a wealthy and highly educated family, Julia wanted more. She met and fell in love with a man who promised her the world, but sadly took her down the wrong path. She fell into addiction, had strained relationships, and struggled with suicidal thoughts that eventually left her homeless and hopeless.

The hospital staff told her she was pregnant. Instead of receiving encouragement, they taunted her with lies.

“You are not equipped to be a mother,” they jeered. “You should abort this baby and we will help you find an abortion clinic.” They continued to mutter more lies under their breath, saying, “She cannot raise a child in the streets. She has no place for the baby. She is not mentally equipped to raise another human being.”

The hospital staff stepped out of Julia’s room to schedule an appointment for her with an abortion clinic and that is when God intervened.  The LORD provided a divine appointment for Julia. The hospital staff accidentally yet providentially called one of Pre-Born!’s local Pregnancy Clinics, and made an appointment for Julia.

Julia believed the lies and agreed to go to her appointment, not knowing that God had ordained another path for her.

When she arrived at the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic, Julia’s nurse immediately calmed her fears with a warm smile. She told her nurse that the hospital said she was not fit for motherhood and that abortion was her only option. To her surprise, her nurse told her that she would be an amazing mother. The nurse also shared other options and resources with Julia.

Julia also heard the gospel and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ.

 “What am I sensing?” Julia cried with joy and happiness. “I do not understand it. I have peace, like I am free, and the heaviness and depression is lifted. I cannot explain it, but I feel it.”

Moments later, Julia saw her baby on ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. At that moment, she chose life and made a commitment to change her ways.

With the help of the Lord, Julia did just that. She moved into a transitional home, joined a local church and continued to receive support from the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic. The Lord delivered her from drug addiction and she entered clinical therapy.

However, Julia still faced the possibility of some unforeseen circumstances. Doctors told her that her drug use may have contributed to some abnormalities in her baby. They said it was likely that her baby would not have all her limbs and could possibly have mental delays.

Although Julia was frightened, she knew where to seek help. She prayed that God would protect the health of her baby. She also returned to the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic and they connected her with a doctor who was pro-life.

For the second time, Julia made a decision to confront fear and not be intimidated. She chose life for her baby once again, regardless of worldly counsel. 

During the course of her pregnancy, Julia attended church. A few months later, she called her nurse and said, “I have a favor to ask you. Can you send me another Bible? Mine is in pieces. I think I read it too much.” Julia learned to lean on Jesus by reading His Word and He kept her feet steady during difficult times.

Julia gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she loves dearly. She is settled in a new home,  obediently striving to follow Christ. Her story is a true testimony of how the power of the gospel can transform the lives of girls considering abortion.

There is only one truth that can set someone free; the message of the gospel. Jesus, the Messiah, comes and declares, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). It is that same message of truth that set Julia free, and saved the life of her baby.

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